Kinsey Pharmacy is providing locally produced hand sanitizer to the residents of Tyler, TX and the surrounding communities. Place an order online and schedule your pickup today. ORDER

Hand Sanitizer in Tyler, TX & East Texas

Kinsey Pharmacy is proud to offer hand sanitizer to the residents and businesses of Tyler, TX and the surrounding areas. Our Alcohol Antiseptic 80% hand sanitizer is locally manufactured in Kilgore, TX, making our inventory readily available to the communities of East Texas.

During this Coronavirus pandemic, nearly every convenience store and grocery store in East Texas is sold out of hand sanitizer, and national shortages prevent companies from receiving frequent new shipments. We are happy to serve our community by helping to meet this need and providing quality hand sanitizer to our customers in East Texas.

Due to a shortage in spray bottles we are only able to offer in quarts and half gallons. We recommend keeping all spray bottles you have as this shortage may go on for some time.

The health and safety of our customers is our top priority. Our hand sanitizer is produced by a licensed pharmacist and follows FDA regulations according to FDA docket number FDA-2020-D-1106 "Temporary Policy for Preparation of Certain
Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency (COVID-191) Guidance for Industry

In an effort to bring relief to our community, portions of the proceeds will go to the East Texas Crisis Center.

1 Quart - $10

1/2 Gallon - $19

1 Gallon - $36

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