Pharmacy Compounding

Pharmaceutical compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for patients. As a result, compounded medications are crafted "from scratch" through the use of raw chemicals, powders, and special equipment.

Depending on each patient's specific needs, a compounding pharmacist is able to create medications in the exact strength and dosage form as directed by a physician or specialist. Through this method, compounding pharmacists can work with patients and prescribers to customize medications for a wide range of health issues, like:

Benefits of Compounding

Since our compounding pharmacists create customized medications specific to each patient, they can tackle complicated challenges with ease.

For instance, some patients might require discontinued or hard to find medications. Our compounding pharmacists can recreate them in the lab and deliver them to help the patient reach better health in ways they might not have been able to otherwise. Another patient might be allergic to an ingredient found in a commercially manufactured version of a medication, so our pharmacists could create a custom medication formulated without that particular ingredient to help them avoid an allergic reaction.

Often times, patients have difficulties taking their medications because of the way they taste or the form in which they're taken. Young children or elderly patients may have trouble swallowing pills or liquid medications. Our compounding pharmacists can add or change flavors, or even turn the medications into another form entirely to make it more palatable and easier to take.

Through compounding, patients have more options on the medications they take and how they take them. With our pharmacists' 35 years combined experience and state of the art compounding facility, we can ensure you receive the medications and quality service you deserve.


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